Equity-One Supports The Jewish Children’s Aid Society


Equity-One is a proud supporter of the work done by the Jewish Children’s Aid Society.

The Jewish Children’s Aid Society (JCAS) helps children with special needs.  Within the Melbourne Jewish community there are a growing number of children with serious physical, intellectual and/or emotional disabilities.

Since 1990 has it been possible for these children to have the opportunity of a more meaningful educational experience in mainstream Jewish day schools.

The annual charity event was a great success with the raising of over $100,000 helping JCAS meet the needs of the hundreds of families that rely on the support each year.

In 2019 alone, JCAS will be distributing $600,000 to the 11 Jewish Day Schools to help over 250 families who require financial assistance to continue the integration and inclusion of their children with special needs in the Jewish day school system.
Special thanks went to the presenters at the event who made it an informative and meaningful afternoon for all. Appreciated was a heart-felt message from Menucha Cooper, mother of a child entering Prep, who shared with us the reasons why it was so important to her that her child with disabilities should attend a Jewish school alongside his siblings and experience the same education and sense of belonging as they do.

Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, Principal of Bialik, illuminated how beneficial it is to the community at large when children with disabilities are included in mainstream school, because of the opportunities it provides for children to be educated to embrace difference and gain empathy.

Attendees were equally grateful to hear from Josh Batten, a graduate of Bialik College, who entertained everyone with one of his original compositions, and explained how the program and been so important during his school life.

The event was a great success with JCAS appreciative of all the support and generosity.  Generous donations help make a real difference to the hundreds of families that depend on the Jewish Children’s Aid Society to help and support them.

Use this link if you’d like to join us in making a difference;

Donate to the Jewish Children’s Aid Society, link