Australian Mortgage Awards 2023


Equity-One General Manager, Michael Tyers and Senior Portfolio Manager, Tom Danaher attended the Australian Broker Australian Mortgage Awards in Sydney to celebrate the existing and emerging talent across the brokering and mortgage lending industry.

Congratulations on the win Mohit Lal Pradhan from Home Loan Experts for taking home the Equity-One Broker of the Year for Productivity Award!

It was great to see dedicated brokers like Mohit with years of experience in the Australian mortgage industry be recognised for their contributions. To win this award nominees were judged on the percentage of applications submitted and proceeds without questions or delays, year over year growth and percentage of applications approved for funding and handled without escalations. It’s quite the achievement to have been a standout across this criterion, great job Mohit!


A notable mention to all of the nominees for their contributions:

Andrew Hadjidemetri, Australian Financial and Mortgage Solutions

Ben Walker, First Finance Solutions – BW Finance Solutions

Christopher Raymond, Unconditional Finance

Chuyu (Kiki) Feng, AUSUN Finance

Hasitha Dharmasena, JETT Finance

Leah Busby, Blackfish Finance

Parag Dixit, Nfinity Financials

Suvidh Arora, Cinch Loans

Vivienne Than, Home Loan Experts


Lastly, a final thank you to Finn McCullagh for presenting the award on the evening and to the Australian Broker for hosting the event.