The Gold that makes Brokers Stand Out


The Gold that makes Brokers Stand Out

We understand the load on brokers is higher than ever before; Issuing term sheets, dealing with approvals, settlements, interest rate cycles and managing after-settlement service. Simply put, being a broker is not easy. That’s why partnerships with lenders are important. Equity-One aims to foster relationships with brokers so that they can work efficiently and effectively. And to do this, we have one golden principle: Communication.

Communication is a vital key to success. We want brokers feeling connected and in control. Our main goal is to simplify the complicated, to make sense of the chaos, so that all brokers can have clear outlooks on their commitments and plans. Although the evolution of technology and social media has assisted us by creating channels in which brokers, lenders and other clients can interact, we continue to prioritise a face to face, hands on approach.

We welcome clients of all experience levels. Whether you’ve been in the business for 30 years (like yours truly), or are just starting out, we are here to help your business flourish. Lean on us to guide you through the commercial lending market, or to provide you with an alternative view when your bank is falling short of your client’s expectations.

Let’s achieve success, the simple way.

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