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Equity-One™ is a Public non-listed Financial Institution which specialises in both investment and finance. It provides secured investments offering attractive interest returns to investors and fast and competitive finance solutions to borrowers.

Equity-One™ commenced operations in 2006 and is an ASIC-registered Managed Investment Scheme (ARSN No 115 289 579).


Whether you are an individual, company, trust or Superannuation fund, we can offer the same attractive benefits when investing with Equity-One™ Mortgage Fund Limited. Your initial investment can start from as little as $10,000.


The availability of credit (or lack thereof) is constantly evolving. We are regularly assisting brokers and their clients, that until recently would have been ‘bankable’. We are sure you will have had a client that has provided everything required by a bank and for some inexplicable reason the bank doesn’t want to transact. We are here to help!


Our team have been providing borrowers with finance for over fifteen years. Every client is different and all of our solutions are tailored specifically for your individual requirements… yes, we can help you too.

Frank Troise

Frank is a Director and Responsible Manager at Equity-One, and independently specializes in all types of financing including providing home loans, business loans, commercial loans, and leasing. He has enabled thousands of clients to buy their first home or build a savings plan to obtain the home of their dreams. These loan services have also assisted his business clients in purchasing a business, commercial properties, business vehicles, machinery, equipment or shop fitouts.


Home Loans

Buying a home is certainly a reason for great excitement and joy, but navigating through the whole home purchasing process can be confusing, especially if it is your first home.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, refinance your house or move homes, Frank takes the time to discuss your financial circumstances and goals with you to understand what is most important to you in a home loan. He then guides you through the entire mortgage loan process: from pre-approval all the way to closing, organising all paperwork, finance, and approvals so that all you need to do is look for your dream home.


Business Loans

Frank understands that each business owner has their own specific goals for how they wish to run and expand their business, and therefore ensures that as a business owner you have access to all the required information for you to make an informed decision on the business financing options available.

He can provide you with finance for different aspects of your business: whether you are starting a business, looking to fund or expand your existing business, or upgrading your business premises or equipment.



Whether it’s a personal vehicle or a business-specific equipment, Frank can source the right finance with the most appropriate terms for you and your financial circumstances.

Frank also offers leasing for the long-term rental of company cars for Australian businesses. If you run a small, medium or large company and are looking for a car for yourself or assessing ways to provide car leasing benefits to your staff, Frank can find you the right finance based on your business plans and needs. He can provide comparative data on different loans, interest rates and options from multiple lenders to find the lease that fits well with your business.

Call Frank on 0419 880 980 to discuss further.