Located at the very top of the Equity-One website is a button titled “Equity-One Access Now Login”. Members must enter their account I.D, password and provide a security code sent to their mobile number to access their account.

The portal login page can be accessed here

Members need an account I.D, password, and security code to access their account within the Equity-One Access Now portal. If any of these three inputs are incorrect a timer will be activated, counting down the seconds until a new login attempt can be made.

Please be mindful, the length of time Members will need to wait until they can try to login again will increase if multiple login attempts are unsuccessful.

New Member applications can be found here. The application form can be found on page 38.

Please email your application to investments@equity-one.com or mail to Level 13/ 256 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Members are notified by email whenever new documentation items have been uploaded to the Equity-One Access Now portal. All new correspondence from Equity-One direct to Members can be found in the “Most recent documents” section on the home page.

Interest statements for current and past investments can be found on the Equity-One Access Now portal home page in the “Most recent documents” section. Past statements will be automatically archived and can be accessed via the “click here to view archived documents ->” link.

Members can respond to new investment opportunities via the portal. Available investment opportunities are displayed under the “Investments Available” tab on the Equity-One Access Now portal home page. To request an allocation, click the arrow adjacent to the desired security property and complete the Expression of Interest form.

All new investment opportunities are sent to our Members via email.
Available investments can also be found on the Equity-One Access Now portal home page.

Select the “CHANGE PASSWORD” tab at the top of the portal main page and follow the prompts requested.

Please note, if you have unsuccessfully attempted to log into your account and are subsequently locked out users can call the office and request their password be manually changed. The office staff will direct you through the steps to recover access to your account. Can I use one portal account for multiple investing entities?

Yes. The office staff will automatically do this for you if they’re aware of other existing investing entities. If this does not occur and you wish to combine all your entities under the one account number, please contact our office.

An LEN number is a unique identifier number specific to each investing entity. Equity-One staff identify our Members via their LEN number. This number will typically have 5 digits e.g. LENXXXXX

We advise all new Members to familiarise themselves with their LEN number, so that staff can quickly identify you, if you call or email the office.

Members can request changes to their contact information via the “PERSONAL” tab located at the top of the portal homepage. Please select the “REQUEST CHANGES” button to update your account.

We kindly ask all Members to call the office to confirm any changes made to your personal details.

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