Fake LinkedIn Account Alert



A LinkedIn account imitating the Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited service has been brought to our attention, raising concerns for potential fraudulent or phishing activities. Thus far we are unaware of any suspicious undertakings, however we wish to warn our clients in hope of preventing any situations or grievances from occurring.

Whoever is responsible for this account has copied information from our website. The website link hosted on the page also directs users to the REAL equity-one website.

Please beware this account is neither owned nor affiliated with Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited.

You can find the following inconsistencies to differentiate between the two pages:

  1. The profile image is different. Our longstanding burgundy coloured logo is used across all social media’s and can be found on all mortgage and investment documentation sent to clients.
  2. A hyphen missing between “Equity” and “One” where the profile name is stated. Please look for inconsistencies with use of hyphen. Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited will always be hyphenated.
  3. Location is Canary Islands. Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited are located in Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. Employee misinformation. We are a small office with less than 15 employees. You can find some of our staff’s personal LinkedIn profiles on our page. https://au.linkedin.com/company/equityoneau

The account has been reported to LinkedIn and the Equity-One team would appreciate for you to do the same if you are to encounter the account.

So far, we are only aware of a LinkedIn and have not discovered any other forms of social media accounts to exist. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be from Equity-One please be cautious of the information you provide and alert us if you believe it to be a spam call, message, email or interaction.

To read more on spam and phishing awareness please visit the following websites: